Metea Valley High School is proud to be an IAHPERD Blue Ribbon Health Education Recipient. We strive to provide a program that is beneficial to all students.

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Health Overview

Health is a semester long course within the physical education department that is usually taken sophomore year and is required for graduation. Through our health education program, we believe students receive knowledge and skills that empower them to take charge of their personal wellness. The health educators in the district share a motto, “the ‘Real Test’ is when you walk out the door”. Our students are encouraged to apply what they learn to their lives in order to achieve the best from within and attain the most out of life. Our goal is to arm students with information that is vital to making life-long healthy decisions.

Health class will include the following areas of study:  wellness, stress management, mental health, suicide prevention, coping with loss, aging, death and dying, nutrition, male and female reproductive anatomy and physiology, human growth/development, abstinence, birth control, relationships, sexually transmitted infections, prevention and control of disease, prevention of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug abuse, and injury prevention and safety.