Freshman Wellness

The freshman curriculum introduces students to a wide variety of fitness and sport related activities. Personal fitness is taught throughout the year covering each of the five health related fitness components. Students spend two days in the classroom on literacy rich activities and three days in the fitness center applying the knowledge. The classes are introduced to the basic rules and safety of the fitness center and learn to develop an individualized fitness plan that will help them achieve their fitness goals. All students also take an American Heart Association CPR and AED course. All of the freshman teachers are certificated instructors through Edward Hospital and students receive a 2-year Certification upon successful completion of all skills and the written test. There is a $10 PE lab fee that will be collected in class which covers a PE lock, CPR supplies and the CPR certification card.

Sport related units during the year include soccer, basketball, volleyball, badminton, team handball and flag football. During these activities, students are exposed to the skills, rules, and strategies of each. The sport units also provide an opportunity for students to work on life skills of sportsmanship, cooperation and team work.